Contrordine, compagni

Cosa succede quando il problema non è più la neutralità della rete, ma l’accessibilità dei contenuti?

The American Cable Association has asked the Federal Communications Commission to stop Internet video content providers from charging ISPs wholesale access fees to their sites “at discriminatory rates, terms and conditions.” The ACA filed their request as feedback in the agency’s proceeding on its National Broadband Plan. The trade group represents about 900 small and medium sized cable/ISP operators, many serving rural areas.

“Media giants are in the early stages of becoming Internet gatekeepers by requiring broadband providers to pay for their Web-based content and services and include them as part of basic Internet access for all subscribers,” an ACA press release on the issue warns.

via Cable group turns net neutrality around over ISP access fees – Ars Technica [HT: Alfonso Fuggetta]

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