Il vento del cambiamento soffia sul clima

Spettacolare aggiustamento di rotta da parte dell’Economist:

This newspaper believes that global warming is a serious threat, and that the world needs to take steps to try to avert it. That is the job of the politicians. But we do not believe that climate change is a certainty. There are no certainties in science. Prevailing theories must be constantly tested against evidence, and refined, and more evidence collected, and the theories tested again. That is the job of the scientists. When they stop questioning orthodoxy, mankind will have given up the search for truth. The sceptics should not be silenced.

Avranno anche loro letto le email dei climatologi?

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3 Responses

  1. Andrea Massucco

    Bene, bravi, hanno annusato l’aria. Per vincere il primo premio, avrebbero però dovuto continuare il paragrafo così:

    “Moreover, since climate science is still in its infancy and current global warming models are not backed by actual measurements, it would be wiser for governments not to implement anti-climate change policies. Indeed, sacrificing wealth growth and individual freedom on the basis of unverified theories has more to do with religion than hard science”.

    Ma per questo probabilmente ci vorrà ancora qualche altro “scandalo”.

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